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Author(s) Title Date of Release DOI
Grujic et al. Bhutan Muscovite 40Ar/39Ar thermochronology - 2020-02-24 02/01/2022 10.26022/IEDA/111509
Riggs et al. Sedimentary provenance of Silurian basins in western Ireland during Iapetus closure 01/01/2022 10.26022/IEDA/111998
Kurek, M. Trapped Under Ice: Spatial and seasonal dynamics of dissolved organic matter composition in tundra lakes 01/01/2022 10.26022/IEDA/112153
Mougel et al. Major, Trace, and radiogenic isotope compositions of basaltic glasses sampled by submersible across the axis of the East Pacific Rise (EPR) 15.6°N 01/01/2022 10.26022/IEDA/112071
Jiang et al. Whole-rock elemental and Sr-Nd-Hf-Pb-Fe isotopic evidence for the Initial ‘return’ of recycled paleo-Pacific oceanic crust observed in the early Cretaceous (~123 Ma) intraplate magmatism from eastern China 01/01/2022 10.26022/IEDA/111721
Han et al. Electrical conductivity of synthetic granitic aggregates and the constituents at high temperature and high pressure. 01/01/2022 10.26022/IEDA/111815
Yehudai et al. Nd isotope ratios from ODP Leg 154, Site 926 in the deep Equatorial Atlantic over the last 1.5 Myr 12/22/2021 10.26022/IEDA/111588
Leutert et al. Clumped isotope bottom water temperature record data from Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) Site 747 12/20/2021 10.26022/IEDA/111808
Zhang et al. Lhasa terrane: A key piece of the supercontinent reconstruction puzzle from Rodinia to Gondwana 12/01/2021 10.26022/IEDA/111791
Holt et al. The Role of Photochemistry in Driving the Composition of Dissolved Organic Matter Found in Glacier Environments 11/30/2021 10.26022/IEDA/111996
Li et al. Pb-Pb isochron and Electron Microprobe analyses of the Chang'E-5 basalt clasts 10/31/2021 10.26022/IEDA/112085
Tian et al. Supplementary Materials for Non-KREEP origin for Chang’E-5 basalts in the Procellarum KREEP Terrane 10/31/2021 10.26022/IEDA/112076
Lund Snee et al. Detrital zircon ages of Huntington Valley, Northeast Nevada 10/30/2021 10.26022/IEDA/112062
Percival et al. Mineral geochemistry and geochronology from metamorphic rocks of the Brusque Complex, Dom Feliciano Belt, Brazil 10/26/2021 10.26022/IEDA/112054
Cui et al. Whole-rock chemical analysis, and in-situ elemental and isotopic compositions for the host granitoids, MME and mafic dyke from the Tuerhong Batholith and Chaergan Pluton, Chinese Altai 10/15/2021 10.26022/IEDA/112081
Jolles et al. Major, minor, and trace element analyses of rhyolites and associated mineral phases from the Bishop Tuff, California 10/13/2021 10.26022/IEDA/112154
Smeraglia et al. Dataset for "U-Pb dating of middle Eocene-Pliocene multiple tectonic pulses in the Alpine foreland" by Smeraglia et al. 10/13/2021 10.26022/IEDA/112155
Scoggin et al. (U-Th)/He and 4He/3He thermochronology of secondary oxides in faults and fractures: A regional perspective from southeastern Arizona 10/12/2021 10.26022/IEDA/112074
Pernicka et al. Data from "Ru, Re, Os, Pt and Au in iron meteorites" by Pernicka and Wasson (1987) 10/12/2021 10.26022/IEDA/112148
Wasson et al. Data from "Main-group pallasites: Chemical composition, relationship to IIIAB irons, and origin" by Wasson and Choi (2002) 10/12/2021 10.26022/IEDA/112147
Wasson, J. Data from "Formation of the Treysa quintet and the main-group pallasites by impact-generated processes in the IIIAB asteroid" by Wasson (2016) 10/12/2021 10.26022/IEDA/112150
Wasson, J. Data from "Ni, Ga, Ge and Ir in the metal of iron-meteorites-with-silicate-inclusions" by Wasson (1970) 10/12/2021 10.26022/IEDA/112149
Wasson et al. Data from "Compositional study of a suite of samples from the 28-t Armanty (Xinjiang) iron meteorite" by Wasson et al. (1988) 10/12/2021 10.26022/IEDA/112152
Birch et al. Data from "Willow Grove: A unique nickel-rich ataxite from Victoria, Australia" by Birch et al. (2001) 10/12/2021 10.26022/IEDA/112151
Nelson et al. Chemical Heterogeneities Reveal Early Rapid Cooling of Apollo Troctolite 76535 10/04/2021 10.26022/IEDA/112146
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