We provide SHA1 type checksum. On a terminal application, you can check it by running the following commands after you download the file.

On a MAC OS X computer
  • cd /path_to_your_download_file_dir
  • shasum your_download_file_name
  • e.g. shasum all_dataset_108.tar.gz
On a Linux computer
  • cd /path_to_your_download_file_dir
  • sha1sum your_download_file_name
  • e.g. sha1sum all_dataset_108.tar.gz
On a Windows computer
  • dir\path_to_your_download_file_dir
  • CertUtil -hashfile your_file_name SHA1

The returned value must be identical to what is listed on the top of the page. If it is not, you have to download the file again.
Version 4.1.0 (April 12, 2021)