Hafnium isotopes in Eastern North American tholeiites of the Central Atlantic Magmatic Province

Elkins, Lynne J; ORCID: 0000-0002-0903-7091; SCOPUS: 23033864400
Meyzen, Christine M
Callegaro, Sara
Marzoli, Andrea
Bizimis, Michael
This file contains 176Hf/177Hf isotope measurements for a suite of Central Atlantic Magmatic Province (CAMP) magmas (201 Ma), focused on tholeiites from the Eastern North American (ENA) region and particularly southern ENA. When compared with published results for the same rocks, these samples form a shallow sloped array on a epsilon-Hf vs. epsilon-Nd diagram, where the low 143Nd/144Nd samples have more radiogenic 176Hf/177Hf than the terrestrial array. The least radiogenic samples in epsilon-Nd and epsilon-Hf also have relatively low 206Pb/204Pb ratios.
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Elkins, L. J., Meyzen, C. M., Callegaro, S., Marzoli, A., Bizimis, M., 2020. Hafnium isotopes in Eastern North American tholeiites of the Central Atlantic Magmatic Province, Version 1.0. Interdisciplinary Earth Data Alliance (IEDA). https://doi.org/10.1594/IEDA/111347. Accessed 2024-04-25.
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Elkins, L.J., Meyzen, C.M., Callegaro, S., Marzoli, A. and Bizimis, M., 2020. Assessing origins of endÔÇÉTriassic tholeiites from Eastern North America using hafnium isotopes. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, p.e2020GC008999.
Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International [CC-BY-SA-4.0]
Coverage Scope: Regional (Continents, Oceans)
Geographic Location: Eastern North America, Central Atlantic
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Central Atlantic Magmatic Province, hafnium isotopes
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North: 40.81717     South: 31.12778     East: 7.346111     West: -83.4925
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