Radiogenic isotope ratios (Sr, Nd, Pb, Hf) of volcanic rocks from the Galapagos Archipelago / Galapagos Islands

Harpp, Karen S
Weis, Dominique
This dataset contains Sr, Nd, Pb, and Hf isotopic ratios of volcanic rocks from the Galapagos Archipelago, selected from across the region to be representative of the geochemical variation in the hotspot system. The goal of the project is twofold: a) to assemble a dataset of radiogenic isotope ratios performed at a high and consistent level of precision; and b) to compare radiogenic isotope ratios with recent Hawaii isotopic signatures (e.g., Weis et al., 2011). To build a complete dataset, we selected the samples from across the archipelago from existing collections, in addition to new samples from Espanola, San Cristobal, and Santa Cruz Islands. Any samples that were missing published major and full suites of trace element data were also analyzed for those missing data (submitted separately). All of the radiogenic isotope ratios were performed at the Pacific Centre for Isotopic and Geochemical Research at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada following procedures described in Weis et al. (2006, 2007) and Nobre Silva et al. (2013).
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Harpp, K. S., Weis, D., 2020. Radiogenic isotope ratios (Sr, Nd, Pb, Hf) of volcanic rocks from the Galapagos Archipelago / Galapagos Islands, Version 1.0. Interdisciplinary Earth Data Alliance (IEDA). Accessed 2024-06-18.
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Harpp, K., Weis, D. (2020), "Insights into the Origins and Compositions of Mantle Plumes: A Comparison of Galápagos and Hawai’I", G-Cubed (in review)
Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International [CC-BY-SA-4.0]
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National Science Foundation: 1347731
Coverage Scope: Regional (Continents, Oceans)
Geographic Location: Galapagos Islands, Galapagos Archipelago, Eastern Pacific
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Mantle plume, lower mantle, mid-ocean ridge, hotspot, bilaterally asymmetric plume, radiogenic isotope ratios, LLSVP, mantle reservoirs
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