Trace elements and Li isotope compositions across the Kamchatka arc

Liu, Haiyang; ORCID: 0000-0002-7055-3482
Xiao, Yilin
Sun, He
Tong, Fengtai
This dataset presents the major, trace elements, Sr-Nd-Pb, O and Li isotopic compositions of arc lavas from Kamchatka published and cited in Liu et al. (2020). The published Li isotopic compositons of mantle xenoliths from Kamchatka are also shown for comparision.
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Liu, H., Xiao, Y., Sun, H., Tong, F., 2020. Trace elements and Li isotope compositions across the Kamchatka arc, Version 1.0. Interdisciplinary Earth Data Alliance (IEDA). Accessed 2024-05-27.
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Liu, H., Xiao, Y., Sun H., Tong, F., Heuser, A., Churikova, T., Wörner, G., (2020) Trace elements and Li isotope compositions across the Kamchatka arc: Constraints on slab-derived fluid sources. Journal of Geophysical Research-Solid Earth
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International [CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0]
Funding source(s):
the Strategic Priority Research Program: B) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
the National Natural Science Foundation of China: 41673031, 41729001, 41903006
the China Postdoctoral Science Foundation to Haiyang Liu: 2019M652497
Coverage Scope: Other
Geographic Location: Kamchatka arc
User Contributed Keyword(s):
Li isotopes; chalcophile element; Kamchatka; hydrous mineral; serpentinite; lawsonite
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