Sibo-Remi-Siang sections detrital thermochronology, eastern Arunachal Pradesh Siwaliks - 2020-06-22

Govin, Gwladys
van der Beek, Peter; ORCID: 0000-0001-9581-3159
Najman, Yani
Millar, Ian
Gemignani, Lorenzo
Huyghe, Pascale
Dupont-Nivet, Guillaume
Bernet, Matthias
Mark, Chris
Wijbrans, Jan
We report new multisystem detrital thermochronology data from the most proximal Neogene clastic sediments downstream of Namche Barwa and use a thermo-kinematic model constrained by new and published data to explore its exhumation history. We collected ten sandstone samples from three sedimentary sections close to the Siang-Brahmaputra confluence. These sections are described by Govin et al. (2018), who also determined depositional ages ranging from 0.5 ± 0.3 Ma to 10.0 ± 2.0 Ma. Provenance data indicate that the source region for these deposits included the Namche Barwa massif (Govin et al., 2018). Here we present new zircon fission-track (ZFT), muscovite 40Ar/39Ar (MAr) and rutile U-Pb (RUPb) data from these sedimentary rocks.
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Govin, G., van der Beek, P., Najman, Y., Millar, I., Gemignani, L., Huyghe, P., Dupont-Nivet, G., Bernet, M., Mark, C., Wijbrans, J., 2020. Sibo-Remi-Siang sections detrital thermochronology, eastern Arunachal Pradesh Siwaliks - 2020-06-22, Version 1.0. Interdisciplinary Earth Data Alliance (IEDA). Accessed 2024-05-21.
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Govin et al., (2020), "Early onset and late acceleration of rapid exhumation in the Namche Barwa syntaxis, eastern Himalaya", Geology, 48 (in press)
Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International [CC-BY-SA-4.0]
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European Union Research Executive Agency: 316966
UK National Environment Research Council: IP-1500–1114
Coverage Scope: Other
Geographic Location: Eastern Himalaya, India, Arunachal Pradesh
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thermochronology, detrital, Himalaya, syntaxis, Namche Barwa, Siwaliks
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