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VentDB: EPR17-19S, Mid-Ocean Ridge Hydrothermal Vent Chemistry Data Collection. Charlou (1996), Douville (1999)
Mottl, Michael J.
Collection of hydrothermal vent fluid chemistry data from EPR17-19S - Raw and end-member data for major, minor, and trace species, transition metals, rare earth elements, dissolved gases, and isotopes of He, Rn, Ra, U, and Pb. This file is just one part of a much larger effort (VentDB) to make available to the scientific community as much hydrothermal ridge vent chemistry data as possible (for a list of all the VentDB related data collections available, search the EarthChem Library for the term “VentDB”). For more information about this compilation, please see “Explanatory Notes and Master Chemical Item Spreadsheet for the VentDB Data Collections housed in the EarthChem Library” (M. Mottl), available at
Mottl, Michael J. (2012): VentDB: EPR17-19S, Mid-Ocean Ridge Hydrothermal Vent Chemistry Data Collection. Charlou (1996), Douville (1999). Interdisciplinary Earth Data Alliance (IEDA). Accessed 19 July 2018.
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Hydrothermal Vent, VentDB, Chemistry, Major Elements, Trace Elements, Isotopes, Rare Earth Elements, Ridge related
Charlou, J.L., Y. Fouquet, J.P. Donval, J.M. Auzende, P. Jean-Baptiste, M. Stievenard, and S Michel (1996), Mineral and gas chemistry of hydrothermal fluids on an ultrafast spreading ridge: East Pacific Rise, 17° to 19°S (Naudur cruise, 1993) phase separation processes controlled by volcanic and tectonic activity, Journal of Geophysical Research, 101, 15899-15919

Douville, E., P. Bienvenue, J.L. Charlou, J.P.Donval, Y. Fouquet, P. Appriou, and T. Gamo (1999), Yttrium and rare earth elements in fluids fom various deep-sea hydrothermal systems, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 63, 627-643
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0819399, 0819368
Spatial Coverage Information
Regional (Continents, Oceans)
EPR17-19S, Pacific Ocean
Contributor Information
Columbia University