Active Fumaroles of Avachinsky and Koryaksky Volcanoes (Kamchatka)

Kirsanov, I T
Medvedev, G G
Serafimova, E K
This is a summary of volcanic gas analyses from Koryaksky and Avachinsky volcanoes from 1961 to 1962. Analyses include gas and vapor condensate samples collected from both of the volcano craters, in addition to surrounding fumaroles on the slopes, samples collected from fumaroles with abundant sulfur deposits, also near the "bottom" of Avachinsky volcano, (altitude not specified) at active lower elevation fumaroles.Samples were anlayzed for volcanic gases HCl, H2S, CO2, SO2, and others. Vapor condensates were analyzed for major cation and anions, in addition to SO3 (none detected), SO4 and HCO3.
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Kirsanov, I. T., Medvedev, G. G., Serafimova, E. K., 2014. Active Fumaroles of Avachinsky and Koryaksky Volcanoes (Kamchatka), Version 1.0. Interdisciplinary Earth Data Alliance (IEDA). Accessed 2024-04-25.
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Kirsanov I.T., Medvedev G.G., Serafimova E.K., (1964), "Active Fumaroles of Avachinsky and Koryaksky Volcanoes", USSR Science Academy Publication.
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States [CC-BY-NC-SA-3.0]
Coverage Scope: Other
Geographic Location: Russia, Kamchatka, Avachinsky volcano, Koryaksky volcano
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volatiles, volcanic gas, fumarole gas, volcanoes, vapor condensates
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North: 53.320483     South: 53.253753     East: 158.829369     West: 158.711744
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