Zircon U-Pb Geochronology: Volcanic and Plutonic Activity Near the Gulf of California Rift

Kimbrough, David L
Grove, Marty
Lonsdale, Peter; SCOPUS: 7003781791
This dataset provides a large body of zircon U-Pb crystallization ages that provide a chronology of volcanic and plutonic activity essential to understanding the details of the Neogene Gulf of California rift history. Samples were collected from submerged continental crust within the rift by dredging and by use of a remotely operated vehicle (JASON). The submarine samples were supplemented by samples collected from a series of islands in the Gulf as well as samples from the edge of the Baja California mainland immediately adjacent to the Gulf.
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Kimbrough, D. L., Grove, M., Lonsdale, P., 2016. Zircon U-Pb Geochronology: Volcanic and Plutonic Activity Near the Gulf of California Rift, Version 1.0. Interdisciplinary Earth Data Alliance (IEDA). https://doi.org/10.1594/IEDA/100585. Accessed 2024-06-18.
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Fletcher, J.M., Grove, M., Kimbrough, D., Lovera, O. and Gehrels, G.E., 2007. Ridge-trench interactions and the Neogene tectonic evolution of the Magdalena shelf and southern Gulf of California: Insights from detrital zircon U-Pb ages from the Magdalena fan and adjacent areas. Geological Society of America Bulletin, 119(11-12), pp.1313-1336.
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States [CC-BY-NC-SA-3.0]
Funding source(s):
National Science Foundation: 1144367
National Science Foundation: 1144558
National Science Foundation: 1144392
Coverage Scope: Regional (Continents, Oceans)
Geographic Location: Gulf of California, Baja California, Gulf of California islands
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zircon U-Pb ages, continental rifting, magmatism
Bounding Coordinates:
North: 26.784     South: 21.598     East: -106.631     West: -113.001
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