Electron microprobe analyses of minerals from Apollo 12 lunar samples

Busche, F D
Conrad, G H
Keil, Klaus; SCOPUS: 7004931010
Prinz, Martin; SCOPUS: 7004377021
Bunch, T E; SCOPUS: 7005683486
Erlichman, Josef
Quaide, W L
This dataset contains quantitative electron microprobe analyses of pyroxenes, pyroxferroite, plagioclases, barian K-feldspar, olivines, silica, ilmenites, spinels, troilite, yttrian-cerian whit- lockite, cobaltian metallic nickel-iron, and K2O-SiO2-rich residual glasses are presented. Although pyroxferroite is not a pyroxene, it is listed in the pyroxene tables because it is difficult to draw a boundary between pyroxene and pyroxferroite on the basis of composition. K2O-SiO2-rich residual glasses are indigenous to the rocks studied and of igneous origin; they are not to be confused with impact-produced glasses which are listed in other publications (Bunch et al., 1971a,b). The great majority of analyses presented herein have not previously been published. However, they have been plotted in various diagrams; and selected analyses and averages have been presented, together with interpretations, in papers by Keil et al. (1971) and Busche et al. (in preparation) . Electron microprobe analyses were made at The University of New Mexico and at NASA Ames Research Center.
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Busche, F. D., Conrad, G. H., Keil, K., Prinz, M., Bunch, T. E., Erlichman, J., Quaide, W. L., 2016. Electron microprobe analyses of minerals from Apollo 12 lunar samples, Version 1.0. Interdisciplinary Earth Data Alliance (IEDA). https://doi.org/10.1594/IEDA/100628. Accessed 2023-09-29.
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Busche, F.D.; Conrad, G.H.; Keil, Klaus; Prinz, Martin; Erlichman, Josef; Quaide, W.L.,(1971),"Electron microprobe analyses of minerals from Apollo 12 lunar samples.", Dept. of Geology & Institute of Meteoritics, University of Mexico, Special publication 3.
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States [CC-BY-NC-SA-3.0]
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Apollo 12, lunar rock, glass
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